Walkies™ Light Beige

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We all want the best for our kids, don't we?

Did you know that walking barefoot or with soft sole shoes helps babies feel the floor surface which develops their feet muscles and ligaments. This is why all Walkies have soles from soft Nubuk leather.

Anti-slippery on hard floors.

Besides being soft, Nubuk soles also stops slipping on hard floors, which further helps our little explorers make the first steps.

Provides breathability

Our children make between 12 and 15 thousand steps a day. The full grain genuine leather provides breathability so their feet do not sweat.

Not sure if your baby would find them comfortable?

You can always return the shoes within 30 days after delivery and we would refund 100% of the price of the shoes. We promise we do not ask questions and we do not attempt to change your mind. The only thing we ask is to send the package back to us with tracking. We would refund you the day after we receive them.

Not sure what the right size is? 

If you are choosing between two sizes, we recommend going for the larger one. 

Made in the European Union

All Walkies™ are made of very soft Italian Napa leather covering the European REACH regulation (regarding production and use of harmful substances)

The sole is made of soft Nubuk for anti-slip and is certified by BLAUER ENGEL, Germany.

For barefoot feeling

The soft sole provides barefoot feeling, which helps small children feel the floor surface. This strengthens their feet muscles and ligaments.

Elastic band helps to stay on the foot even during crawling.

Soft sole, for barefoot feeling.